Know your numbers – Lingerie for your Mum Bod

Know your numbers – Lingerie for your Mum Bod

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New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Lingerie Mum BodAfter I bared my Mum Tum online last week, I realised I wasn’t alone in the awkwardness I feel about my post-baby body.  You guys feel awkward too!  You often struggle to find bras in the right size, you’re perhaps not sure what size you actually are anymore, you find bra shopping an expensive ordeal, you love your body because it made you a Mama to your awesome kids but you may be a little mad at it for not looking quite as ‘svelte’ as it used to.

What you guys showed me was that it’s time to move on, get over it and buy some pretty underwear!

So I did just that, and lived to tell the tale.  Here’s what I learned;

Why you need to spend some time shopping for lingerie and how to feel comfortable doing itNew Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Lingerie Mum Bod

  • Know your numbers – Think you know what your bra size is?  I thought I did too, until I tried on a new brand which fit a little differently and was initially disappointed as I loved the bra.  This is where a fab retail assistant makes all the difference.  I went to the beautiful new Farmers Department store at Northwest and was fitted by Alicia.  No need to feel awks ladies, a bra fitting takes about 30 seconds – max!  I was wearing a tank top and didn’t have to strip any further than that.  Approximately 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, thankfully this wasn’t me but, Alicia’s keen eye noted that I needed a larger cup size in the new Elle MacPherson range.  Had I been shopping alone I would have simply put this gorgeous pop of yellow on the “Next time” peg with a very sad ::::: sigh:::::

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Lingerie Mum Bod

  • Take your time – Shopping for new lingerie means you’re going to have to (potentially) interact with a sales assistant – I’d recommend this btw!  You’re going to have to decide what you need – T-Shirt/everyday bra, special occasion, something to work with a particular outfit, something to make your boobs look like they did 20 years ago……whatevs.  It all takes  t i m e.  Make sure you’re unrushed and unencumbered – e.g. without kids if possible!  
  • Try something new – The two bras I went home with were different brands and different styles to what I initially described to Alicia.  It’s the easy way out to just head for the brand that you always buy, and simply repurchase a style you’ve been wearing for the past five years.  Yawn!  You can do better than that Mamas!  Be brave, there’s more than one comfortable bra out there!
  • Know what you want – I’m sick of skinny straps that dig into my shoulders and I didn’t want any padding.  Being able to communicate your non-negotiables will save you heaps of time in the changing room.  This Bendon Smoothlines Bra is a dream across the shoulders and around the back, plus it looks great under a T-Shirt.  Not my usual brand, so I’m stoked that Alicia was on-hand to ‘encourage’ me with this one.  As soon as I put it on I knew it was coming home with me!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Lingerie Mum BodGuys (and by guys, I mean YOU, my faithful female readers lol!), those 4 tips above will work little miracles for you I promise!  I’ve never spent as much time looking at bras as I did last week whilst ‘researching’ this post and believe me, taking your time in-store makes a difference!

Nothing in this world stays the same – least of all our boobs – so a proper fitting and ergo, amazing underwear in the right size will do wonders for the way you feel.

I struggle with body-positivity, I really, really do, but standing in front of (gorgeous, young, lithe) Alicia and saying “This looks good right?  I LOVE this bra!” was some weird kind of therapy, one that I plan to repeat at Farmers again in the future.

Throughout October, Farmers is celebrating our womanly curves with the BeYOUtiful Lingerie event.  This is about acknowledging that we all come in different shapes and sizes, that we all need different lingerie to suit and support us and that, irrespective of the size or style, nice lingerie goes a long way to making us feel more confident.

Heck yes!  

There will be some unmissable lingerie deals between Oct 4th-13th so don’t miss out!

Head instore or online to find your perfect fit at Farmers this Lingerie Week and be in to WIN a $1000 Farmers Gift Card. Simply get fitted instore by one of Farmers trained consultants, make a lingerie purchase and swipe your Farmers Club Card between Oct 4 – 31 and you’ll automatically go in the draw.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Lingerie Mum Bod