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New Beauty – The Herb Farm Facial Serums + Skincare Minis

The Herb Farm NEW Enhanced Formula Facial Serums

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Herb Farm Serum ReviewIf you love beautifully natural, New Zealand made skin care, you absolutely MUST visit The Herb Farm’s website if you’re not already familiar with their skincare and healing and therapeutic ranges.  All products are produced on the farm, a family business that believes that ‘living a natural life shouldn’t cost a fortune or the earth’.

It’s easy for individuals and companies alike to rest on their laurels when they’ve got a good thing New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Herb Farm Serum Reviewgoing.  In contrast, The Herb Farm’s founder and herbalist Lynn Kirkland seems committed to pushing forward with new product development and improving existing formulas, which has resulted in the relaunch of their two serums.  

Radiance Boost Facial Serum RRP $39.90 which targets; uneven skin tone, pigmented skin, redness, dull, tired and stressed skin, has been enhanced with Elderberry Extract resulting in a more easily absorbed formula

Renewal Advance Facial Serum RRP $46.90 gets to work on ageing concerns; fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity, environmental stressors and free radicals.  The new formulation includes Gotu Kola Extract, further targeting the visible signs of ageing.

I use a serum every day under my moisturiser, I absolutely love them.  The two little beauties from The Herb Farm will become firm faves in my routine.  They are lightweight, silky smooth, absorb quickly and leave my skin feeling and looking fabulous.  Really impressed with the 2 year BB date also as a little goes a long way with serum.

The Herb Farm Skincare Minis

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Herb Farm minis ReviewI love skincare minis for two reasons;  they are the perfect way to fine-tune your skincare routine, discover what works for you and experiment with a new brand or product before spending a lot of money on a full-size product.  Secondly, I love them for travelling.  I have way too much kid gear to lug around to be adding weight to my toiletry bag with large bottles and glass jars.

Just in time for Christmas gifting and summer roadies, The Herb Farm has released four Skincare Mini packs across each of their skin concern ranges; Signs of Aging Skincare Minis, Oily and Combination, Dry, and Normal/Sensitive.

Each system contains a cleanser, exfoliating powder, toner and face cream and is perfectly sized to slip into your hand-luggage.  We are heading to Japan in the New Year so I’m super happy to have a complete skincare system – in mini! – to take with me.

RRP $ 34.90 – $39.90 




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