Project 52 | 40/52

“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Nixon Eats Marmite Scroll

nixon: the eating.  my god.  you never stop with the hangry.  food, milk, water all of the time.  your dad and i baked a big batch of marmite and cheese and ham and cheese scrolls to pop in the freezer just for you and your massive appetite.  your feet are also massive.  the future does not bode well for our grocery bill.

Indoor Climbing Aucklandethan: first week of the holidays went swimmingly!  we made a list of all the things we wanted to do and it 100% obliterated the boredom, plus had the awesome effect i was hoping for: “mum, these are the BEST holidays ever!”.  and you know what?  we had a total stay-cation that week, spent minimal money and had two happy boys {sometimes more} all week.  i will totally be making an activity list every school holidays from now on.

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I live in rural Auckland, New Zealand. Two boys, one big, one not so big and 2 boy dogs belong to me and I them. I love Coca Cola in all of its sugar-less forms and I love you internet. I take way too many pictures of my kids and collect them all here. This is what I am doing when I should be cleaning or cooking or doing other 'useful' things.

3 thoughts on “Project 52 | 40/52”

  1. look at those big blue eyes !! !!
    and omgosh how did you not go into mummy freak mode when he was that high up – eeekkkk –

  2. Gorgeous growing little boy! and phew that looks high! and fun! and wahoo for the best holidays ever!! Hope the start of the school term goes super xx

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