Top Mummy Blog new Zealand potty seat

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Top Mummy Blog new Zealand potty seat

If you’r a long-time reader you’ve probably got a fairly good idea about what kind of kid Nixon is.  I mean he has his own hashtag……..#nonixonno…….says it all really lol.

He’s my big-little-guy with a huge personality and an even bigger appetite for fun and (potentially) mischief.  After we removed the ladder from the trampoline to prevent him climbing up without supervision he would drag whatever he could find in the garden over to the tramp, pile it up and clamber up his haphazard, toddler-sized Mt Everest and party on.  Living with this child is chaos I tell you!

After we rearranged our entire living room to prevent him from using a couch to access the bench tops I realised, prevention is only part of the struggle Dave and I face over the next 18 years or so (OMG!!!).  We have to actively keep this child safe and focus on that all day every day.  

A big part of this is ensuring that things he uses around the house everyday are fit for purpose, even if that purpose is dragging a step stool from the bathroom into his brothers room to reach the ‘Big Boy Toys’, that step stool should be stable and sturdy.

The Dreambaby® range of baby safety products is the most comprehensive and complete range I’ve ever come across.  A quick browse of their website and I found a solution to every household conundrum that comes with parenting a baby through the toddler years and beyond.  

We have so many Dreambaby® products in our house (my faves are the foam door stoppers and the furniture anchors which stop heavy pieces tipping) that we use every day,  I was totally happy to get on-board and feature a couple of products.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Step Stool2 -Up Step Stool $24.99 Available in NZ here

This is now an indispensable ‘member’ of our household, I must pick up this stool at least 10 x a day and return it to the bathroom.  Nix takes it everywhere throughout the house, even if he doesn’t quite need it.  It’s used in our bathroom for hand washing and teeth brushing, in the kitchen for food scavenging and helping with cooking, outside for climbing on the tramp ::::sigh:::: and reaching leaves he needs to pull from the trees ::::sigh:::: and trying to open the latches on our gates so he can escape ::::::SCREAM:::::

It’s light, non-slip and holds up to 80kg so Dave and I use it all the time as we have some high storage in our bedroom and laundry.  I love a product that multi-tasks around the house!

Easy-Clean Potty Seat $17.99 Available in NZ hereTop Mummy Blog new Zealand potty seat

It’s summer here in New Zealand so I can’t put potty training off any longer lol.

It’s going to be a slow, tedious process, compounded by Nixon’s Hirschsprung’s disease, but we will get there and it’s certainly going to be made a little easier by the awesome combination of the 2-Up Step Stool and the Easy-Clean Potty Seat.

This little seat fits standard toilets, is soft and comfy for little bottoms and its genius feature is the handles on each side which help Nix actually stay put long enough to maybe get the job done!  He feels safe when sitting on this seat and loves the ocean-themed animals.

Win a Dreambaby® Prize Pack for your little one!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand potty seat

Head over to The Best Nest on Facebook and enter to win via the competition image.  Prize includes;

  • Dreambaby® Premium Nail Clippers with Magnifier F355
  • Dreambaby® Anti-Slip Mat F679
  • Dreambaby® Easy-Clean Potty Seat F678
  • Dreambaby® Bath Tub Spout Cover F869

Find Dreambaby® online: LIKE them on Facebook, on Instagram plus check out some of their super useful videos on YouTube for help in baby-proofing your home.