Grocery Shopping

Happy Absent Fathers Day Dave!

Dear Dave

I just wanted to let you know that even though you are on the other side of the world, stuck in that cess pool Rome, we have not forgotten it’s Father’s day.  This letter may make you a little upset and homesick, because (let’s face it) who would choose to be in Rome?, but I thought you should see that we have celebrated Father’s Day in absentia.  Try to keep your chin up, only 4 more days in Rome then onto Milan, which hopefully will be a little more interesting, it’s such a shame to go all that way and have to eat margarita pizza and gelato ::::my heart breaks for you truly:::.

So, back to Father’s Day.  I really think I hit it out of the park this year, you would have enjoyed everything I planned!

I started off your celebration with a trip to Pak n Save.  I tried to have as much fun as I could while choosing canned fruit because I knew you would do the same for me x  The best part was definitely putting the groceries away, sorry!

Grocery Shopping

I was having so much fun after going to two different supermarkets that I thought “why stop there?  What would Dave like to do on Father’s Day?”.  Fill up the truck!  It was especially awesome when the auto fill kept filling and spilled heaps of diesel all over the truck.  I lolled at that one!

Filling up the truck

Next it was home to cook me you a cake!  I made the best cake ever in my life just for me you!  mmmmm  Pineapple coconut.  Mum and I also whipped up a bacon and egg pie for Ethan’s dinner with the broken pastry from the freezer, spending my afternoon cooking for you on Father’s Day – you’re welcome!

Cake and Pie

After some thought I realised, “Dang, Dave has really cleaned a lot of bathrooms over the last 8 years”.  Hmmm.  You guessed it honey, I took one for the team and cleaned the toilet!  I know, you can thank me later.  It was the least I could do seeing as how your stuck in that hot, boring Rome with all of those dusty relics around…….boring.  Ethan has been really into our Father’s Day extravaganza, though he tried to insinuate that I was faking not knowing where the bathroom cleaners were so I wouldn’t have to do it!  Moi?

I'm cleaning the toilet

I may have gone a little overboard, but you are the best dad in the world, so when I was out I swung by Mitre 10 and picked up that indoor hydrangea you have been wanting for ages!!!!!!  Do you die?  How much do you love it?


So, as you can see, Father’s Day in New Zealand was just non-stop, you would have been so tired.  But don’t worry, you just try and keep your spirits up in Europe and I’m sure we can do most of this stuff when you get back mmmmkay?

Love you tonnes

Melissa and E




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