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Hello Nixon | Some nights, Mummy drinks bourbon

I pretty sure I’m going to rebrand the blog, possibly considering “The Screaming Toddler & The Barking Dogs”.

What do we think?

Tuesday sucked.  And then there was today.

I spent ALL day yesterday in the kitchen without cooking a damn thing.  Just trying to clean the bastard……..whilst saying “Nixon get down. Nixon get down, NIXON GET DOWN” on repeat.  Kid can climb on the bench where he likes to sit and eat avocados like apples, only he spits out little pieces of skin as he runs around the house as I try and catch him.  No really, it’s so cute.  Right.

We had a catch up today with some friends I’ve known since high school, so you know, I was expecting it to be a relaxed affair.  It totally was {in terms of the lovely adult company} but I think I left with one last, raw nerve jangling and zinging as if I was tightrope walking on a live power line.  Nix just ran me ragged, nothing out of the ordinary, just a constant state of up-end someones water in the house, bee-line down to the driveway, try and rappel down the retaining wall, climb UP the slide while others are trying to go down, back to the driveway, throw a fit because your hot-wheels won’t drive in the grass, throw a fit because you’ve eaten all of your lunch and Mum’s pantry is at home, throw a fit because that’s the WRONG side, you wanted to feed on the other side, try your hand at the retaining wall again…….

I couldn’t wait to leave.  Isn’t that terrible.  I loved seeing my friends but the baby wrangling is HARD right now.  

Mum helped me re-arrange the living room this afternoon so his bench climbing days are now over.  We never baby-proofed for Ethan, yet every small thing I remove, lock or lock-down for Nixon makes my chest relax just a little bit more.

I think I need more mummy training.  I have a ‘spirited’ little baby who’s default attire should include a safety helmet.  Also, if he’s going to insist on mowing back avocados sans utensils {or adult supervision} he’s going to have to just learn to like the skin, am I right?



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4 thoughts on “Hello Nixon | Some nights, Mummy drinks bourbon”

  1. Lucky he's so cute. He sounds exactly the same as my little guy Henry at the same age. The energy! I swear I didn't finish a sentence with my friends for about a year. And even when all the other babes were going through their clingy phase, H was tearing off away from me. And I was pregnant! Argh. Ha ha, funny to look back on the madness now. Hope you get to sit down at some point.

  2. He will grow up! It's inevitable. Then I promise you'll be able to have easier adult time with friends. In the mean time there's bourbon right?

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