Revlon Speed Finish Nail Polish


Happy days it’s Friday again, rather unfortunate that I really hit my stride at work at about 10.30 this morning.  I was on fire!  Until 2pm. And then I went home.  Love those mummy hours.

Anywho, I am totally loving Friday deliveries of make-up!!!  I’m going to be glamour-licious on Monday once I learn how to put lippie on with a brush!  Also very excited about the primer, any help to hide my aging skin is welcome!

BH Cosmetics

Sushi lunches on the Boss with the awesome team at work.  LOVE.  I really enjoy my job.  I love the nerdy-tech aspect of it and learning more and more all the time.  Being a working Mum is hard sometimes, but little snatches of adult time {SUSHI ALL FOR ME!!} are so nice.  I really and honestly never fail to be grateful for having such a great job in these spendy/scary times.


I am loving nail polish.  Maybe because it’s winter and I’m done painting the house at the moment, so I’m enjoying having a little pop of color on my nails.  Not so much loving this color though.  The Revlon Top Speed polishes are awesome as I am generally doing my nails late-ish at night.  Yellow looked so great and funky on my beautiful soon to be Sister-in-Law, but on me not so much.

Revlon Speed Finish Nail Polish

My Boys.  They have a very volatile relationship.  Dave struggles to deal with his son, I find it easier {not easy mind you} as basically Ethan is just like me.  Ethan is strong-willed, a perfectionist, exacting, literal and demanding.  And I love every inch of his pain-in-the-ass-self.  Times like this when all is calm give me the most satisfied feeling in the world.

Story Time

So bad I know ::::slaps hand:::: but our local Fish & Chip does THE BEST chicken nibbles.  I crave them.  Better than any KFC batter your hangover could ever want!  None this weekend though……..{I’ll report back on that at a later time…..}

Chicken Nibbles

And to finish off…..I am in LOVE with this;


Dave went to Mitre 10 on Sunday and made a very quick detour by Noel Leeming {10% off Apple!}.  Oh wow.  This guy was on the agenda for this year so we had budgeted for it – I am proud to say it was a planned purchase!  last weekend was D-day as Big PC had crashed 3 times in one day and has been BSODing on and off for over a year.  Whatever, I don’t need to justify such a thing of beauty!  So, this Things I’m Loving is brought to you by Mr Mac.  Which btw, I completely don’t know how to use.  I have to google everything.  I found the desktop last night after using it for 5 days.  I must admit the transition is a wee bit frustrating.  Ethan and Dave have used Macs before, Dave owned one in a past life and E uses one every day in his classroom, but I’m just a big Windows dummy : (

Have a lovely weekend xx

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I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is.



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  1. So much to love here…mmmm sushi is great, and even better when shared! That nail polish colour looks totally funky in that light, but I can imagine it could be a colour only some people could get away with. Lovely looking Mr Mac, I had to learn how to use a Mac for the first time at work a couple of years ago, and I still sway both ways in the whole Mac vs Windows debate!

  2. oooh the iMac!

    I have one too – and I just love it. I am sure you will too.

    now how do you get makeup delivered on a Friday?

    I use a Clarins 'filler' .. make sure you let us know how the primer goes!!

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