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Killing Monica – Candace Bushnell

Published by Hachette New Zealand, 23 June 2015 $34.99 / EB $19.99 RRP

Though I’ve seen the movies and was seduced by the Sex and the City HBO series, I haven’t read Bushnell’s debut novel – the book which launched a thousand ships so to speak.  Diving in to her latest novel, Killing Monica was somewhat of an unknown quantity for me, written in the Chick-lit genre in which I don’t normally dabble.

It wasn’t until I finished the book that I began to draw parallels between the plot and Bushnell’s own life.  The more I think about it, the more incomprehensible it seems that there is no autobiographical element at play here.

We meet P.J. Wallis (Pandy), successful Chick-Lit author and creator of Monica, a larger than life socialite and heroine of an uber-popular series of books.  As the franchise grows and an actress is cast to play Monica, life and art become enmeshed in a series of events spanning pop culture, celebrity worship, fame and the gritty details of a marriage failed.  

The parallels between Bushnell, her inveterate character Carrie and the indomitable Sarah Jessica Parker are too obvious right?  

This is a great beach bag read.  Failing that (I realise it’s winter!), Killing Monica is an easy weekend read.  The first 2/3 are highly entertaining.  Bushnell is a writer who can easily traverse the trivial nature of the privileged life her characters lead with witty and engaging prose.  I was fully invested in Pandy and Monica, enjoying what I’m sure is a fairly robust representation of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

But the novel concludes with an explosion, a fake death and numerous, ludicrous public disturbances and mob interventions.  I tuned out honestly.  It felt like the author completely lost interest, woke up half drunk from the night before and said ‘eff it, let’s just get this sucker finished… 5 minutes ’cause I’m over it’.

It’s definitely an entertaining read and a glimpse into the bedrooms of New York City’s social circuit, but I’m not sure that I really needed to go there, again.



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  2. Thanks – always looking for something good to read. I related to your Facebook post too. I love to read and struggled to find the time after having my first. However after number two I was given a Kindle and it meant I could read more easily again. Light enough to hold while feeding and I could turn the pages one – handed, plus I could do read at night without needing the light on when she was sleeping in our room. Made me feel like I was still having some ‘me’ time. Will definitely look this one up too.

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