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My Top 5 Tips for ‘Getting Your Groove Back’

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Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Fitness BlogThe Sunday after the Rugby World Cup final my body hit a wall.  Two weekends with late nights + 4am starts had left me struggling come Monday and starting the week off feeling sub-par is SO not a habit I’m keen on continuing. Many things have contributed to the general feeling of ‘blah’ that has taken hold of my body lately;

  • Late nights writing/not writing, watching Netflix, leaving bedtime routines until 11.30 (!!)
  • A pervasive and circular habit of ‘business’ (it’s totally on-trend to hate that word right now isn’t it? But I’m stumped for how to avoid it)
  • A constant state of dehydration
  • Too much alcohol – fluid, but not the RIGHT kind lol
  • STRESS – and not managing it
  • All of the above contributing to poor food choices. 

Five days ago I said enough was enough and began putting some ‘Melissa Systems’ in place to change the way my body feels.  This is not about losing weight or getting ‘bikini ready’ (yawn), this was simply an exercise in wanting to wake up each morning feeling freaking awesome.  Who doesn’t want that?

How I’m Getting My Groove Back

1.  Start the day as you mean to continue

Not enough hours in the day?  Get out of bed an hour earlier and devote some quiet time to that which is lacking.  It could be exercise, writing, meditating, reading……..Whatever you do in this time try and maintain focus.  Put your phone away and make the most of this ‘extra’ hour you’re carving out, just for you!

2.  Implement a ‘Healthful’ new routine

You may have seen the image above on Instagram last week, but what a way to kick off your morning!  500ml of water with the juice of half a lemon, a kick-ass smoothie, a black coffee and a wicked Women’s Multi from Healtheries to make sure I stay charged throughout the day.  After taking daily multi’s religiously pre-kids, I’d honestly forgotten to include them in my daily self-care routine over the past few years.  5 days in and I’m feeling so much better for it.  Healtheries One-A-Day Multis contain high potency B Vitamins and Siberian Gingseng to support energy and vitality, NZ Marine Collagen to help maintain healthy looking skin and key immune supporting antioxidants such as Vitamin C, D3 and E, Betacarotene, Selenium, Iron and Zinc to support healthy immunity.  Heck yes!

3.  Kick those bad habits to the curb

Take a good, hard look at what could be holding you back from feeling 100%.  For me it was alcohol.  Daily indulging in a glass or two of wine was becoming far too habitual and wrecking havoc with my body.  I’ve decided Sun-Thurs will now be alcohol-free days, with moderation and good judgement in charge of Friday and Saturday lol!

4.  Proactively deal with Stress

My stress levels rise when I feel a lack of control.  I feel lacking in control when I have too much work/blogging to do.  I need to learn to say no and to block out portions of my day to dedicate to work, rather than phaffing about and writing a bit here and there.

5.  Realign your priorities and your purpose

Constantly riding the rollercoaster of ‘busy’ can result in your priorities getting totally out of whack.  My family comes first, blogging/work comes second.  Realigning those two allows me to focus on the purpose and motivation behind why I write, and my work improves as a result.  Don’t slack on this one!  Getting lost in your head or heading down the rabbit hole of social media is a massive distraction but all it does is negatively turn your focus outward, onto others.  Bring it all back to you and yours and expend your energy close to home xx

I’m super fortunate that Dave is my biggest champion and cheerleader and is always on board with trying to make positive changes in our life.  He’s my running coach and motivator but also a driving force in our family’s nutritional choices.  He has also been reaping the benefits of adding a Multi to his morning routine this week – the Healtheries Men’s Multi One-A-Day is specifically formulated for male nutritional needs and requirements. Containing high potency B vitamins and ginseng to support stamina and performance plus essential antioxidant minerals such as selenium and zinc and tribulus to support immunity and sexual health. 

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Raw recipe Join me by tweaking a few key parts of your day to make for better seasons ahead, I’d love to hear some of your tips – leave me a comment below!  Find out more information at