Sleepover at the Farm

Freya stayed the night after disco fever hit on Friday.  It was awesome – but tiring – but awesome.  They are such an old-married couple already, they squabble tell each other the lay of the land, stick their bottom lips out for about 5 seconds then work on a compromise together.  It’s freaking hilarious to watch.

Dave overheard this conversation in the back seat on the way to soccer

Freya: “You know I’m older than you Ethan.  I will ALWAYS be older than you”

Ethan: “Yes, but I am going to be 5 soon”

Freya: “That’s nice but what this means is that I am going to be an adult BEFORE you”

Ethan: “I will grow up you know, I don’t even wear diapers at night anymore!”

Freya: “That’s very good.  But even though I am going to be an adult BEFORE you I am going to wait for you and then when you are an adult………we can get married!”.

Ethan: “There’s a cow… MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”.


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