Un bee leave able

I passed my exams.  I am quite floored.  I logged into the university website, clicked on exam results, and there it was a ‘B’ for Intermediate Financial Accounting!  This exam was so horrid I was sure I was doomed to fail, but like Managerial Finance before it, I somehow squeaked through.  It was a semester of lazy study habits, our trip to Tonga in the middle of it, and the usual last-minute rush to get assignments in on time, but we did it.  ‘We’ because my whole family is part of this degree, my ever-patient husband, Ethan – who thinks studying is cool and who understands when mummy disappears to the library and Daddy takes over, my Mum who does anything she can to help including taking Ethan to work with her!, my Dad for letting Dave take off work whenever I needed the extra cramming time, other-one-Nana for coming over to watch Ethan for me and my friends who seem to understand when I disappear for weeks on time; anyway, thank you to all, I love and appreciate every one of you!

And on that note, Happy 4th of July!!!  Dave and I are off to Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical tonight, to listen to Hadyn blow his trombone in the band so I will endeavour to find my american husband a bar that sells Bud. xxxxxx