Cross that one off the list for another year….

The end of New Zealand Summer {or the seamless transition to Autumn as has been the case this Summer-less year!} always brings with it March, and in March comes school Swimming Sports.

Despite Ethan’s obvious enjoyment of swimming, his natural awesome swimming ability and the approximately 350 swimming lessons he has attended in his life, swimming sports stresses him out.  When I say stresses him out I mean massive performance anxiety, tears before bedtime and multiple discussions about how ‘dumb and stupid’ such events are.  Did I mention that this started at least three weeks before swimming sports was scheduled?  Oh, the best part was due to the impending doom of the ‘Weather Bomb”, we arrived at school on Thursday ready for action and discovered the action had actually been postponed for 3 days. I died.  3 more days.

To stop this long post from getting even longer, E raced yesterday, he won every race he was in, convincingly, and I have a sneaky suspicion he felt quietly confident the whole time.  So why did he make us live through this drama for the last few weeks? Perhaps he is just one of those people {like myself} that needs to feel the pressure to really perform.  Perhaps nerves and anxiety are what ensures he gets the results he wants.  Interestingly enough, he never performs this way when he is competing in his team sports.  It seems he only creates such expectations when he has to perform on his own.

All I can say is that I am SO glad it’s over and am eyeing the winter cross-country with much resignation!

{E is in the 2nd lane from the bottom}

A Weather Bomb

One Saturday a mighty Weather Bomb was ‘supposed’ to hit Auckland.  In fact the Weather Bomb was SO big the whole North Island was under a gale warning.  Oh my!

I was quite sure that there would be nothing better to do during a Weather Bomb than to watch movies together and bake yummy treats.  Ethan agreed, though it wasn’t us he wanted to watch movies with.  So off he went, cookies in hand, to a movie date with his wee mates.  I finally got a chance to use my new cookie cutters Mum found for me though!

Louie glues himself to the kitchen floor as soon as one of us pulls the flour from the pantry.  Damn if that crazy dog doesn’t love baked goods more than meat.

In lieu of twiddling our thumbs, we dusted off some errands, found the perfect frame for my Anthony Maxey print {which I will wait to frame and hang in our new house!!!!};

….and we enjoyed a few sneaky beers FOR FREE courtesy of our wonderful 95Bfm Bcards {get yours here}, Hallertau those shocking ribs in January have almost been forgiven : ).

We eventually returned home and Dave whipped up the most amazing pesto from basil growing on our windowsill, cashews, Parmesan, black pepper and evoo.  Can’t get enough;

I cooked a rib roast, snapped an amaze sunset, got so angry when stupid people made my Mama cry and sorted it all out.  Wine anyone?




From Paisley Jade | Things I’m Loving

I love Paisley Jade’s Blog.  It’s pretty, all about family and she is always cooking or DIYing something awesome.  This weekly reminder to be thankful for all the little things around us is hosted by her – so visit!




  • I’m totally loving FREE swag, the gorgeous O.P.I polish was sent courtesy of the lovely Jenene at, thanks doll!
  • I’m also loving Ethan’s swimming styles, he is back-stroking, breast-stroking and free-styling through his lessons, hopefully he canes the field at swimming sports next week {isn’t the bunting cute!}.

  • I do, I do, I do love this boy-ness.  {I do, I do……..}  ::sigh::

  • Dave is currently on fire in the kitchen, though not literally – that would be concerning.  This chicken taco salad was amaze

  • The potential stormy weather tomorrow is just what I want.  A quiet, cosy family day.  This week has stressed me out, I seriously wanted to book the three of us a hotel room in the city tonight and hole up!

  • But….most of all I am loving….. OURNEWHOUSETHATWENTUNCONDITIONALTODAY!!!!!  In case you missed that – we have bought a house, with Mum!  We move in at the end of April when the renovations begin!  I can’t wait and also can’t believe how lucky I feel to finally have my own mortgage – crazy I know!



Watch | Partying in Rio: A Tilt-Shift Carnival Film

Take 5 minutes and 47 seconds and watch this beautiful film composed entirely of stills.  Over 160,000 of them in fact.  Some people must just ooze so much talent that they leave a slimy trail behind them don’t you think?

Partying in Rio: A Tilt-Shift Carnival Film by Film director and musician Jarbas Agnelli and photographer and filmmaker, Keith Loutit

The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.