Pause | Engage

I’m tired, head-achy, sore and mostly just plain old tired.  Dave ran off a list of things this afternoon trying to put his finger on why I’m feeling this way and the answer is I just don’t know.

Dave said I need carbs, Mum said I need vitamins, I think I need new shoes and sleep.  Everything is whizzing around at 100km an hour at the moment and I think I just need to catch my breath.  There is so much that is good and exciting happening (our first house, planning a trip, loving my blog) but at the same time there is the mundane to live through, the daily grind that is dragging ass right now.

I know I’m whining, nothing really to complain about, just feeling a tad under the weather.  Thinking I’ll skip a wine tonight and self-medicate with a Berocca instead  :::::sigh:::::

If you’re done listening to me whine peruse the following;

    • Maybe it’s Marmageddon that’s got me all in a funk, lord knows I LOVE me some Marmite. 3/4 of a big jar left, she’ll be right!  Yes New Zealand has made the news around the world as we all contemplate life without Marmite
    • Oh crazy Kony man.  You try and do something good for humanity and you go and forget to take your meds.  or put your clothes on.  Oh for shame.

  •  I love these cups.  Feel free to buy them for my new kitchen

Source: via Leah on Pinterest


  • I’m going to need a pair of these boots to really lift my spirits


    •  Oh isn’t this the truth!  Except for science.  Science videos were never fun.


Have a good day tomorrow, slap me outta this funk when you see me would ya?

PLAY | Get on your bike and go somewhere!

Some of my bestest childhood memories are of hazy summer nights cruising around on the street in front of my house perfecting elaborate ballets on wheels that my neighbour and I called “Bike Routines”.  We would practice each routine endlessly and when our synchronised cycling was ready for the public critique we would send out invitations {to our parents!} and put on a show.

Obviously choreographed bike-riding is not for everyone – or anyone else in the whole world perhaps? – but there is so much intrinsic kid-ness associated with getting on your bike, it is a shame that some neighbourhoods are just not suitable for kids to ride safely or easily.

Ethan and I loaded our bikes in the truck and set off for greener cycling pastures than our somewhat limited little neighbourhood.  The Auckland City Council website has some great walking/cycle tracks listed if there are none in your area.  We decided on a short drive to Te Atatu where we would ride for some of the way around the gorgeous coastline and the rest of the way through the sleepy Sunday suburbs, down to the Sailing Club, a quick visit at Nan & Pops and turn through Te Atatu for lunch and then …….. back to the truck.Sounds ambitious with a 7yo I know.  Ethan amazed me.  We rode 10km and he only hopped off to push twice {I had picked a mostly flat ride to eliminate the risk of complaints!}.  Te Atatu is a great choice for kids who love exploring the beach, tide and rock pools as at low tide there is so much room to wander about and so many things to peer under.

Our next ride will be around the Orewa Estuary which has established trails and is flat and fun for little riders.

Just in case we hadn’t fit enough into our day we walked down to the river, sat on the jetty and Ethan wiled away another hour feeding fish while we rested our tired legs {and bums!}.
Please comment below if you have any secret spots for family rides, I would love to have a few more up my sleeve!

From Paisley Jade | Things I’m Loving

I love Paisley Jade’s Blog.  It’s pretty, all about family and she is always cooking or DIYing something awesome.  This weekly reminder to be thankful for all the little things around us is hosted by her – so visit!



I’m craving LOVING calamari at the moment.  Almost obsessively – I can’t get enough.  Luckily we live smack bang in between two awesome local eateries who both make some knock out salt and pepper squid.  Check out The Riverhead or Hallertau if you are out and about in Nor-West Auckland.  I also have some squid tubes in the freezer so will give it a go this week and whip up a home made version!

I’m loving our local library (and the fact that I remembered to go there!).  E was tired, teary and grumpy after school on Friday so we stopped in for some quiet time after school.  Just what the doctor ordered!  We lay down, took our time, read shark books and found some perfect chapter books to take home.  A great start to a busy weekend.

An unexpected bonus job gave us some extra cash and we SPLURGED.  I am LOVING my new camera, a Canon 550d (which I saved $500 on by purchasing the Japanese model!!), always check for parallel import alternatives, in this case the only difference is the product name.

I justify this purchase easily; our old DSLR has been thrashed, we take GIGS of pics each year, plus I think 5+ years from a digital camera without a service or even a battery replacement is a pretty good innings.  Canon, we LOVE you x

I am loving Christmas gifts that get opened for the first time in March.  Grandaddy Jack sent Ethan the Totally Gross board game from America and we have been having loads of fun learning gross {and interesting} facts.  Raiding the top shelf in the wardrobe is definitely recommended on a rainy Sunday!I am loving Gift with Purchase!  I didn’t actually buy any Revlon products but the gift I should have received was snaffled up by a previous shopper so I got this pack instead.  Racy, red nails are much easier to perfect with the Top Speed polish which dries super-quick.  Love.




Sweet Little Notes & Deciduous Teeth

Sometimes it’s too easy to look at my son and marvel at how he has grown into such a big boy {mostly because he is massive!}, how he is so independent and capable and smart but then out of the blue he surprises us with something so sweet and indicative of a seven year old that we suddenly remember how young and needing of us he still is. This is a nice feeling that I fear know will become more and more rare.

Ethan grew his wee ‘special‘ tooth quite early.  It looked like a regular tooth that had simply split in the middle.  Try and imagine my panic at the thought of a child with dental issues; we were living in San Diego at the time with NO health insurance in the land of user pays.  Scary.

Turns out it wasn’t a split tooth it was an extra tooth.  A lovely little mutant extra tooth. He has treasured his special little tooth as have we.  But he has been growing.  And growing and his teeth have been falling out like autumn leaves.

Last week we said goodbye to his extra tooth  (and it’s conjoined twin next door surprisingly).  As this wasn’t just any tooth E felt it warranted special consideration from the tooth fairy and I wholeheartedly agreed.

My Little Minder

Ethan is quite convinced that I am unable to make my way through the world without his assistance.  Lord knows how he thinks I manage at work, where I have keys to the building and have to drive a company car and TALK TO STRANGERS {to be fair, I’m not sure how I handle these things some days either}.

I’m pretty sure he views me as the Brittany Spears of Mothers, apt to make huge social faux pas’ like flash my bits in the swimmg pool parking lot, or get busted shop lifting nail polish at Four Square or something.  Despite his reservations, most days I am able to keep my shit together without his help, but he likes to remind me of things.  Often.

  • On Monday.  “Mum have you got my swimming bag?”.  Ethan has been swimming for seven years now.  I have forgotten his swimming bag ONCE.  He will never forget.
  • “Mama……you better close that door!”.  The second hand dog decided yesterday morning that before work/school was definately the optimal time to jump the fence and head down the road to the pub (I’m serious, that’s where he went).
  • “Mama have you got your wallet?”.  I went to Pak ‘n Save ONCE without my wallet.  Master was not amused.
  • “Mama, are you speeding???”.  Maybe….
  • “Mama do you drink anything that doesn’t come out of a can?”.  Of course I do, wine doesn’t come in a can!
  • “Mama have you locked the doors?”.  Yes, but not the windows.  I need them open to climb back in to get my keys that I locked in there.

I try not to giggle at him but some times his bossy little old man ways are hilarious.  Do any of you have little worry-worts at home? How do they keep you on the straight and narrow, I’d love to know!

What E’s Reading | The 13-Story Treehouse

The 13-Story Treehouse – By Andy Griffiths

Ethan received this book for Christmas from his wonderful Nana – or from Santa who went to Nana’s by mistake, I’m not quite sure – anyway he will finish it tomorrow night and we will be sad.

This book is so much fun, it’s fast paced, full of repetitive boy humour, wildly imaginative and quite simply has captivated Ethan’s attention. I have read the last two chapters with him at night as I was dying to get a feel for what was causing him to chuckle so during his reading time.

All the ingredients are here; a giant treehouse complete with every fantastical addition you can imagine {think shark tank, soda fountain, flying cats etc}, simple but engaging illustrations which help to lighten the text-load for reluctant readers and cool easy to relate to characters Terry and Andy who are themselves writing a book!

Ethan is 7yrs 4mths and last Nov was assessed at reading about 12-18mths ahead so I would recommend this book for kids ages 7-10 as both a story book or an independent reader.


On sale here at The Warehouse for $13.99


Foiled again

Running and I have a long and sordid history, mostly in my head as opposed to on the track, road or treadmill, but let us not digress.

When I was a young thing I always wanted to be an athletics star.  I would join the athletics team every year and fervently leap the hurdles, sure that I must have grown some more fast-twitch muscle fibres in 12 months.  It was never to be, those fast twitch fibres just didn’t come in as I had hoped they would.

Fast forward 15 years and I began running regularly with a friend.  This was back when I was a SAHM so I could do such things you see.  We would run, even UP HILLS!  One hill.  But it was a big hill.  I enjoyed that running and never had an injury.

Then I lapsed.

Then we moved away from that hill.

Then I paddled a stupid kayak on a river and messed up my back.

So skip ahead some more years and here we are.  I ran tw0 5ks  in the weekend.  At the urging of Dave very early on Saturday morning we ran together and Ethan rode his bike 85% of the way without protest, I was quite amazed.  It felt good and I felt good.  So good in fact that at 7am on Sunday I suggested that we run again!  It was surprising to me too, especially seeing as the night before was date night {I like wine FYI}!

So that was the end of that.  Within thirty minutes of getting home my back had seized like I had been struck by a bus and had become so tender to the touch that I couldn’t sit in a chair!  I won’t give up this time however, I am determined that I can be one of those people that run, that enjoy running and that can maybe be called a RUNNER.

Until then, I will be perfecting my play-list and shopping for shoes.

Run along now.


2012 | It’s time to PLAY!

Though it may seem that 2012 has it’s campaign of the year all tied up with this Kony thing {yes I’ve watched the video, yes I’ve shared it on FB, yes I’m now a political activist just like you}, there is actually another movement  worthy of your  attention that launched today.

Over the next 10 months I will be joining forces with the fab team behind the Milo Play Movement and three additional Mummy Bloggers based in Australia to elevate both the status and the dialogue around that simple little word; play.

To be honest, until I was invited to participate in the Play Movement, I hadn’t conscientiously given much thought to the qualitative characteristics of Ethan’s playtime.  Active play and activity {both structured and unstructured} is the most prevalent form of play in our household for ALL three of us.  It was news to me that this is not the norm anymore and that some children  – nearly HALF – do not play every day!  Dang is right, WTF may also be highly appropriate!

The short {2.18 min} video below outlines the State of Play Report commissioned by Milo and why this issue deserves our attention;

I have added a permanent Milo Play page which will be home to any resources I come across, this page also has links to the many varied and FUN ways you can get involved in helping kiwi kids play.

This is going to be a great campaign, so I hope you silent visitors will speak up and get involved as there will be some great lessons, tips and ideas that are generated from all of our mummy/daddy/caregiver brains joining forces!

  • Watch the State of Play video above (or here on YouTube)
  • Get tweeting to the team @MILOausnz on Twitter
  • Like the Facebook page and get chatting with other Mums/Dads & caregivers here
  • Check out pics of the Play Movement here on Flickr
  • Read the New Zealand Herald article here
  • Visit the other bloggers involved with this awesomeness;
  • Kelly at Be A Fun Mum
  • Cath at Squiggle Mum
  • Karen at Miscellaneous Mum


  • I am participating in the Milo Play Movement as a Blogger Ambassador and any compensation received is for advice provided directly to the MILO Play Movement team on the social media engagement plan.
  • All communications I share regarding the MILO Play Movement are my honest opinion.

From Paisley Jade | Things I’m Loving

I love Paisley Jade’s Blog.  It’s pretty, all about family and she is always cooking or DIYing something awesome.  This weekly reminder to be thankful for all the little things around us is hosted by her – so visit!




  • I am LOVING our neighbourhood at the moment, who wouldn’t love being able to see this at the end of your street!  I feel so fortunate we are staying here indefinitely now that we have bought our house!

Down by the River

  • I am in love with dahlias, we drool over them annually at the Kumeu Show and this year there were no less beautiful.  They may be the only flower I ever grow but I am determined to have some dahlias at our new house!

  • My grown up thing that I am loving this week is the fabulous Pukeko Grove Feijoa Wine, from our awesome local spot, Hallertau!  Feijoa fans will be won over as soon as the heady fragrance hits but seriously the taste is just as special.  Some people love feijoa wine, some do not, but if you have yet to try it I highly recommend either the sparkling or still varietals from the Pukeko team.
  • The Summer That Never Was wrecked havoc on our vege garden.  The usually infallible courgettes were limp, small and rotty, the eggplant flowered and then failed to fruit and the tomatoes are late, smallish but finally seem to have a bit of gumption!  So I am loving actually having something to harvest at last!


  • We were called upon to Bunny-sit this weekend!  Babbity and Tweek came to stay  and Ethan was so pleased.  Louie was pleased too.  I pretty sure our chicken-killing Shi Tzu thought it was awesome that there was potential sport staying in his garage, but he behaved himself like a gentleman.  Thank god.  Thank you Louie, I will continue to love you for your compliance with the rabbit rules.


Have a wonderful week everyone!