Cadbury, let's just put the past behind us shall we?

This is an awesome example of a major corporation putting things right;

Cadbury you have redeemed yourself in 5 ways I never thought possible.  You listened to me when  I told you I wasn’t down with you killing Orangutans (OK indirectly…) to make me fat happy and high on choccy.  I couldn’t believe it when you commented on my blog last week and said you wanted to make ammends, set things right and send me a present!  and then you found me on twitter and whispered the same sweet nothings.

And then today, you (OK  Courier Post) came through with the goods.

Yeah – Cadbury loves me AND DAMN-IT I LOVE YOU TOO CADS!

All is forgiven, I’m pretty sure that I can forget about that whole Palm Oil fiasco, just don’t be putting any more nasty shit in our chocolate again and things will be just fine.

Your letter was sweet though, don’t be mad that I am sharing  it, but I think everyone needs to know that you are truly sorry and are working to make it up to the chocoholics of New Zealand.

It’s nice to have you back Cads

Love Melissa, your BFF xxxx

You're back in my goodbooks Cadbury



2 thoughts on “Cadbury, let's just put the past behind us shall we?”

  1. Yay free chocolate! Even though I knew they were changing the recipe back I still can't help but feel ripped off with the 200g blocks. They screwed up by getting me used to buying Whittaker's.

    Also, I'm still really confused whether all of their chocolate is going to be palm oil free or just the plain Dairy Milk bars.

  2. Ohhhh this is awesome, I wish they had sent me some free stuff.
    I got pissed off to Cads when they started using Palm Oil. However can see now they are trying to get back to the track, just wondering how much of share market Whittaker’s grown stealing from Cads.
    With palm oil free and Fairtrade Cadbury found its way back to my shelf and heart

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