Day 1: Maternity Leave 38 Weeks

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I made it. I survived nine months at work with only two sick days! I enjoy my work and have had a trouble free pregnancy so the decision to keep working for so long was not a big deal.
Today was a different story though.
My first day at home.
By 9.30am the washing was hung, the pumpkin and other veges were roasting in the oven for tonight’s dinner of pumpkin soup, the bread maker was kneading dough for the hot rolls to go with my soup, E’s bed was made and ours stripped ready for washing load #2, Lou was booked in for a grooming so I decided I could squeeze in an hour of work from my Remote Desktop.

In other housewiferly news;

  • It hailed four times today and like everywhere around New Zealand it is freezing.
  • Dave went to the American store yesterday and returned with a bounty of corn tortillas, Almond Joys and Tootsie Rolls, just what fatty-preggo needs!
  • I got my nails done today for hopefully the last time, the money I’m spending there really needs to be channelled to more fruitful pursuits such as getting my terrible roots done.
  • My ankles are now in a permanent state of swollen.
  • I walk like a 95 year old hillbilly with a cane and a peg-leg.
  • I think this baby is making plans to come out!!!!