Things I like Thursday

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  1. Bad coverMy Michael Jackson memories.  There are so many, I grew up in the eighties so pop music was like crack to me.  Madonna, MJ, Tiffany, NKOTB if you hate it, then I probably loved it.  Christmas 1987 rolled around and Santa delivered the gift of vinyl – the Bad LP.  Oh how that white/black man in his leather and chains and loafers enthralled me once again.  I quickly dubbed the album to tape (I also received a bright red cassette recorder that Christmas) and Bad became the soundtrack to my 8yo life.
  2. MY NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been so lucky to have stayed home with Ethan for the last 4.5 years, but  my god, what a difference a week makes.  I am working part-time doing design and desk-top publishing, I have a desk (that I get paid to be at!), an office (recess in the wall that is quite large and doesn’t have a door but is not a cube made of artificial walls thank god!) and people that are grown-ups to talk to…….about stuff that isn’t Ben 10 or Ben 10 related.  I feel like a whole new person.  I love it.
  3. I love this picture – I don’t love John Key but I’m sure I would like him a little more after he’s sunk a couple of kava shotsThe traditional Samoan kava ceremony held no fears for Prime Minister John Key on his arrival in the Pacific Island nation today.
  4. I LOVE Lily Allens song Fuck You, bfm has playlisted it, this video is great[youtube=]
  5. I love families that act like families.
  6. I love meeting my best friends on a sunny day for a cafe catch up, Fernilea Cafe in Coatesville was the perfect spot for the kids to play (sans Ethan as I was on my way back from work).  Yummy food and spirulina.