The Sunday Sushi – with Sushezi!

There is probably no way our family could ever eat enough sushi.  Dave loves it, Ethan loves it and I love it.  In fact Louie loves it too but we can’t afford to feed our Shi Tzu sushi, shame on us I know.

I can roll sushi like a pro,  but I can’t do it fast.  This means we don’t eat homemade sushi as much as we should because it is a (fairly) cheap and super healthy family dinner.  After a quick googling, Dave and Ethan headed to Stevens and picked up our very own……SUSHEZI!   I swear this thing is so quick, easy to use and rolls amazing sushi.  We love it so much we are having sushi again tomorrow night. 

Step one:

Cook your sushi rice and cool, prepare your ingredients.  We used smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, snow pea shoots, honey soy chicken, orange capsicum and cream cheese.

030 by you.

Step 2:

038 by you.

Grease your SUSHEZI! lightly and fill each side with half a cup of rice,  create a trench with the plunger rod on each side.

Step 3:

041 by you.

Place your fillings in the trenches, this is the fun part!

Step 4:

043 by you.

Close the contraption with the plunger inside, and screw the plunger in.  This will compress the rice and make the sushi roll nice and tight.  Make sure the end cap is on – left hand side of the contraption.

Step 5:

061 by you.

Lay out your nori sheet and prepare to squeeze out your 1st sushi log!  Look at that thing, it is perfect!

Step 6:

Roll the sushi by you.

Roll the sushi as usual, wet the edge of the nori slight to make sure that it sticks.

Step 7:

Homemade Sushi Roll by you.

Now let the roll rest for 15min so the nori softens – this will make it easier to slice.

Step 8:

Homemade Sushi by you.

Ethan the Sushi Monster by you.

Devour!  We were hoping for leftovers, but we underestimated the appetite of our 4 year old.



7 thoughts on “The Sunday Sushi – with Sushezi!”

  1. i can't wait to use the sushezi! i saw the rooster sauce in the background of the pics……looks like you could use more?

  2. We have nearly drained the 1st bottle, but you don't need to come back to NZ again, I saw it at and Asian Vege mart a while ago! hahaha

  3. LOL yesterday I did indeed order one off of Amazon. It should be here tomorrow. Can't wait!!!

  4. We used the sushezi yesterday. CA Rolls, Philadelphia Rolls, and Spicy Tuna rolls. In total we made over 5 rolls!!! Luckily the Satterwhites stopped by to help us eat them. I can't believe how simply easy this thing is to use. Loving it!!! Thanks again!

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